Rolled Ice Cream

Lately on my Explore feed of Instagram, I’ve seen videos of a new variation of ice cream? In curiosity I’ve looked up more information on popular accounts such as I-CE-NY, a company which has popularized “smashed and rolled” ice cream in the western hemisphere. The dessert originates from the street markets of Thailand under the brand ไอติมผัด or “I-TIM-PAD.”

Their website provides an explanation on how it’s made as well as a video demonstrating the creation of one of their popular menu items Thai I-CE Tea featuring Thai tea ice cream and pieces of cut lychee:

The process starts by pouring our premium ice cream base with your choice of mix-in ingredients on our custom designed metal plate that can get as cold as -15 degrees Fahrenheit. We then use metal paddles to quickly chop and smash the ingredients together and spread it into a thin layer. In just two minutes, the ice cream firms up and it’s scraped into chubby rolls, ready to serve.

This specific business is based in Atlanta with an additional shop in New York City, so I’ve been unable to try its original formula of rolled ice cream. I’ve seen attempted recreations of the fun dish at local night markets and fairs however I don’t think their versions can compare… So one day, I will go out to taste it whether that be in Georgia or Thailand!


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