Persimmon Season

I’ve always really liked persimmons. My dad used to cut them up for me a lot, arranging the firm slices on a plate and leaving them on my desk for me to see when I looked up from my homework. They’re displayed at the front of Asian supermarkets this time of the year and my family still makes sure to take a dozen or so in a plastic bag every trip. But now I only see them in my fridge or on the dining table and I never get around to cutting any for myself.

I found that photo of persimmons attached to a poem that I really like. I used to be interested in poetry a couple of years ago but that interest came to an abrupt end by the time I entered high school. Now it’s nice to stumble on some words that I resonate with.

“sorry” doesn’t sweeten her tea
To you who eat a lot of rice because you are lonely
To you who sleep a lot because you are bored
To you who cry a lot because you are sad
I write this down.
Chew on your feelings that are cornered
Like you would chew on rice.
Anyway life is something that you need to digest.
— Chun Yang Hee

Something about this writing is really comforting to me. There’s an aspect of growth that I relate to my ramble about persimmons… I like the simile the writer uses a lot and the grammatical structure that came with the translation reminds me of the way my mom speaks. I’ll leave the interpretation up to those who read it though. I think potential connections to it are better off when kept personal.


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