I never realized how many of my friends loved hamsters until now. I feel like their love for their pets is very pure and wholesome and the pictures they send me or the stories they tell make me laugh a lot.

The first image is one I found on the internet, but the next hamster which is on the skateboard is named Peach. She had a sister named Cream but turns out Cream was not a girl, they were not sisters, and now my friend owns 14 hamsters because they gave birth twice. She put up a Craigslist ad to give some away but I don’t think anyone ever took up the offer… I’ll have to get an update about that but I’m sure if you want baby hamsters I can be your middleman.

Next to Peach, in the bathtub, is Pita. Like the bread. He belongs to my other friend who actually got me in the habit of saying “hammies” when I see a hamster. I love Pita. I’m pretty sure he can eat his body mass’s worth of Rice Krispies cereal (my friend says at least 24 pieces) which I find commendable. Maybe one day Pita and Peach will meet and be as good friends as their owners are to me.


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