A Packaged Pom

Lately I’ve had issues with impulsive shopping… especially online. I think it was 11PM on a night that I can’t even recall when I clicked Add to Cart and proceeded with this Pomeranian plush to the checkout. I love purchasing items online because either I feel lots of excitement awaiting delivery or I completely forget about it and when the time comes that I see a package sitting outside my bedroom door, I feel like I’ve received a surprise gift from myself. The cardboard box this time was pretty large as I did order the “Big”-sized pup which is about 40 centimeters wide. Most of the time I’m afraid of what my mom will say about my random purchases which are based off my bad habits, but when she saw my Pometan she actually told me it was cute and didn’t question the bubble wrap all over my bed. Still, I need more self-control or sooner or later my card will start declining me…

I love my plush, she’s the dog my mom never let me have and is also a good lounge pillow. The Fuwa-Mofu Pometan Plush Collection is sold out for now, with the exception of the black-coated puppy for 30% off!


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