A Heart of Tofu

My answer to the common question, “What’s your favorite food?” would always be inconclusive. The food category is so vast, how could anyone choose? But as the years have progressed, I’ve realized that I always come back to a certain meal found at Kaju Tofu Restaurant, my second home in Garden Grove.

A comparable restaurant which serves sundubu jjigae, or Korean tofu stew, is BCD Tofu House with locations in the same city as well as in Irvine, but something about my local Kaju provides me with cozier experiences… like dining at 12AM with my friend after a long day at Disneyland, or eating lunch with another to cheer us up after hours of an exhausting AP test. It’s also one of the few things my mom and I really, really love to eat together. I always order a “very very spicy” kimchi beef tofu soup with a pork bulgolgi combo and an iced green tea. I recommend going on a Friday or Saturday when they serve side dishes of fish cakes! Past 8PM (even on weekdays) is usually when the line tends to lengthen, but the wait is always worth it.

As a bonus, there’s a Paris Baguette Bakery just next door for sweets to treat yourself with afterwards!


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