One of Two

My brother took me out to eat for breakfast Sunday morning. We went out to Denny’s, a deviation from our tendency to eat primarily Asian foods together… and from there I should have known that the day would be interesting.

Afterwards he really wanted some snacks, so we walked into the supermarket with an estimated $20 budget. We went through the aisles for almost an hour but the whole time I could only think about all the flowers I saw when we first strolled in. Flowers are too expensive was the thought we had both concluded, but when we got to the frozen foods section and I saw a man holding the largest lilies I’ve ever looked at in my life, I took it as a sign.

We put all the items in our cart away– including Lays originals and our beloved Cholula hot sauce (a combination I recommend)– and spent a solid 10 minutes where the bundles and vases of flowers were for sale, eventually deciding on the first bouquet of the two shown below.

It was a casual day, but the spontaneity of my brother and I doing something nice was unusual. I don’t intend to boast about our good deed, but my mother loved the red roses.




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