April & May

These calves are really fluffy and cute! They remind me of my friend and I in a way. There are four cows in the picture but oddly enough whenever I see even just one pair of cattle I correlate it to this friendship I have and I love it. She and I share the same zodiac sign for those born in late April and early May— Taurus, represented by a bull. We always love to talk about astrology regarding our personal traits or whatever we can observe in other people. I find it really endearing how the two of us can see each other in everything even if it’s random like this … Anyways, here’s the daily horoscope for Taureans like us:

Impatience with routine matters can be a real issue now, so consider ways to make changes to dull and lifeless areas of your life.


These little life advice messages are easy to resonate with and good to keep as a reminder.


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